Renting the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient tool for healing, meditation and initiation. The labyrinth at the Garden Sanctuary uses a pattern from Arizona’s Native American Papago people. Unlike a maze which is built with dead ends, all labyrinths have a single path leading to the center.

The labyrinth at the Garden Sanctuary is available for rent to groups of four or more. Depending upon group size, the walk can take a few moments on up to half an hour. It is best entered with a lit candle. It is recommended that an offering of flowers, tobacco or grains be placed at the entrance to the labyrinth.

Prior to entering the labyrinth, walkers may ask a question for which guidance is sought, or make a request for oneself and/or for all of humanity. In the center, reflect, pray or attune before walking out along the same route.

The seven pathways within the Labyrinth can be equated with the seven primary chakras in the body. In walking the labyrinth, the corresponding chakras and glands are activated, rejuvenated, balanced and potentially healed. The conscious intention to work with the colors and tones or vibrations of the labyrinth make the walking meditation of the labyrinth an even more illuminating and fruitfull experience.

If the group desires, Jai Lev, the proprietor of the Garden Sanctuary, is an inter-faith minister who can assist in designing and leading your labyrinth walk.

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