About The Garden Sanctuary

Who is us and who am I within this us? The Garden Sanctuary was birthed in an "us." The "us" were a number of people trying to purchase a hot springs resort and convert it into a Sufi Center. My wife, Tofah Eileen, may her memory be as a blessing, was the initiator of the "us" and it was my job to raise an enormous amount of money to purchase the property, which I didn't succeed in doing.

Soon after, Tofah decided that just the two of us might possibly have the resources to purchase a property to create a Sufi Spiritual Center in Santa Cruz. That "us" who failed to buy the resort became a nucleus for the "much bigger us" who wanted to bring our highest selves into communion in an urban oasis called The Garden Sanctuary. The "us" is the barakah brought to the Garden by our prayers, songs and dances. The "us" is the ruach brought to the garden by the voices of chant, kirtan and liturgy. As the "us" expanded it gradually became a community. But that's a different story.

As for me, I'm a Sufi initiate in the lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan and somewhere in between a Conservative and Orthodox Jew. I am blessed with a great gardener, may he live to be a hundred and twenty, and with his talents continue to give praise through flowers, fruit and nectar.

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Jai Lev